The Keepers Registry



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Glossary and definitions

The following organisations are the Keepers of digital content, working on your behalf to ensure long-term access to the scholarly and cultural record. They provide the registry with information on their archival holdings, ordered by most recent update (date of which is shown):

The most up-to-date information may be available on the Keeper's website.


Our Member Services provide additional resources to monitor the archival status of e-journal content. Find out more about our Member Services.

Current Statistics

  • Serials with volumes reported as 'ingested and archived' by at least one Keeper: 32,034
  • Serials with volumes reported as 'ingested and archived' by three or more: 12,169

Work on other serials (and volumes) is 'in progress'.

We are exploring governance and seeking sponsorship for this global facility. Your feedback is welcome.