The Keepers Registry service, funded by Jisc, will end on 31 July 2019. If you have any queries regarding retirement of this service, please contact Jisc on
Discover who is looking after your e-journals

The following organisations are the Keepers of digital content, working on your behalf to ensure long-term access to the scholarly and cultural record. They provide the registry with information on their archival holdings, ordered by most recent update (date of which is shown):

The most up-to-date information may be available on the Keeper's website.

Working Together

Find out how publishers, research libraries and national libraries can support archiving initiatives to ensure the future of the digital scholarly record. Read more.

Current Statistics

  • Serials with volumes reported as 'ingested and archived' by at least one Keeper: 42375
  • Serials with volumes reported as 'ingested and archived' by three or more: 15521

Work on other serials (and volumes) is 'in progress'.

We are exploring governance and seeking sponsorship for this global facility. Your feedback is welcome.